Reexperience life's best memories

100 GB free cloud drive that helps you rediscover your best photos.

Available on Android, iPhone, Windows and OS X


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Why store a photo if you never look at it?

Degoo is the best place to re-experience your memories.

Store memories

You get 100 GB free cloud storage.

Activate the top secret feature with zero knowledge encryption to take security to the highest level.

Connect and access all your cloud services in one account.

Experience memories

Let our AI show you the best moments of your life.

Your private Degoo feed for all your memories.

Completely private and secure, only you have access to your photos.

Share memories

Share uploaded photos in real time.

Unlimited file size with no quality reduction.

No Degoo account needed to receive files.

Secure sharing with end-to-end encryption.

Size matters

With 100 GB cloud drive from Degoo you can upload all your photos and files and never risk losing them.

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Top Secret Cloud Drive

If Dropbox is your bookshelf Degoo is your secure bank vault. Our top secret feature encrypts your files with a passphrase known only by you, not stored in Degoo, encoded into chunks and spead out to data centers in different countries. 100% NSA proof. For real.

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Your perfect memory

Your Degoo feed lets you remember your loved ones, family, friends, road trips, all those precious moments that might have otherwise been forgotten. The Degoo feed is available on Android and iOS.

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More phone space

Fit 5x more photos on your phone by letting Degoo upload your original photos and reduce the photos on your phone

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Save mobile data and battery

Control when Degoo upload your files. Upload only on WiFi or when charging helps you protect your mobile data and battery life.

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Auto upload

Enable auto upload of your photo folders to ensure your latest adventures are always securely stored in Degoo.

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Have it all

Degoo is available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. Install Degoo on all your devices to secure and get access to all your files in one place.

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The right choice for everyone

Do you want the Ultimate experience or try the free version?

100 GB cloud space
Unlimited mobile devices
1 desktop device [1] [2]
500 GB referral bonus
End-to-end encryption
90 days account inactivity
Basic storage replication
Zero knowledge encryption
Photo storage maximizer
$9.99 per month
2 TB cloud space
Unlimited mobile devices
Unlimited desktop devices
1000 GB referral bonus
End-to-end encryption
Files stored forever
Enhanced storage replication
Zero knowledge encryption
Photo storage maximizer

[1]: You can have Degoo installed on all your devices and view and download files but only the specified number of devices can upload files to your Degoo Cloud Drive.

[2]: Get access to the desktop versions by inviting 10 friends.