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No Degoo account needed to receive files

100 % secure sending

+5 GB Degoo space if receiver signs up

Can anyone receive the files I send?

Yes. Anyone you email or give the link to your sent files can receive them. No Degoo account is required to receive your sent files.

Is it secure to send files via Degoo?

Yes. We always use HTTPS connections (see url of this page) for all communications. If you share the link to your sent files in a secure way everything's 100 % encrypted.

How large files can I send?

1 GB. You can send as many files as you like as long as the individual files sizes are below 1 GB.

What happens if a receiver signs up for Degoo?

Both you and the receiver gets bonus space! 5 GB to be exact. You both get the bonus when your friend installs and starts using Degoo.

How many times can I send files?

Infinitely many! You can send as many times as you like.

Is any backup space used when I send files?

No! The files you send will not use any of your backup space.

How long will my files be available?

7 days. After that your files will be unavailable to download. This only applies to files sent with Degoo. Any file that you backup with the Degoo app will be stored for as long as you stay active.